Howard Recycling Services harvest cenospheres, a by-product of coal burning from Power Stations, onsite. The burning of coal produces by- products, and cenospheres are hollow ceramic microspheres. Cenospheres are harvested by Howard Recycling Services from the settling ponds of the ash dam. The cenospheres are then dried, processed to individual specifications, graded and packaged to meet our customers’ requirements.

The consistency of the properties of the coal used at Vales Point Power Station, ensures that the cenosphere properties also remain consistent. This enables our company to supply a dependable product to our customers.


• Strength- bonding, internal structure, asphalt, concrete, paints and ceramics

• Thermal reflectivity- heat dissipation

• Sphericity- ball bearing effect for moulding, trowel work and lubricity

• Reduced weight- light- weight, filler loading, reduced shrinkage and lower viscosity

• Refractory- foundries and high temperature coatings and flame-retardants

• Sound attenuation- noise and radio frequency absorption and reflection